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Andy Slater's interpretation of The Tomb made with Hirst Arts moulds

If you want half a dozen of these moulds then Hirst Arts in the USA offer an unbeatable deal, but if you're in the UK or Europe, and only want a few, then we can probably offer you a better deal, and get them to you much faster. Unfortunately we don't stock all of the moulds available, just the most popular. If you do wish to purchase any that aren't currently in stock they are automatically added to our next restock list.

If you wish to enquire about anything you see here, please contact us.

We created this site after becoming users and fans of the moulds ourselves. We wanted to offer a better deal to folks in the UK and Europe who only want a few moulds; perhaps to give them a try, or more likely because they already own a couple of dozen and want just one more.

We offer the moulds at the best prices we can according to the exchange rate i.e. we don't round up to the next full pound or 99p, and our website tells you exactly how many of each mould we have in stock, so you know you won't have to wait. We've also programmed our shopping cart to calculate postage according to the weight of the items you put in it. So please, give it a try. We think you'll like what you see.

Please note that this site has no connection with Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture Inc. except that we stock and sell their products.

Be aware that there are some restrictions on what can and can't be done with Bruce's moulds, i.e. selling unpainted castings etc. For full details of the licence agreement please look here Hirst Arts Legal Statement

If you wish to enquire about anything you see here, please contact us.

New Products.

We have three six moulds for you,#274 Steel Bridge, #331 Factory Accessories, #420 1.5" Conveyor Mold , #421 Straight Arrow Conveyor, #422 Turning Conveyor Mold, #423 Double Arrow/Merger Conveyor Mold and #424 Factory Tiles Mold

About: The Tomb

The model of The Tomb shown on this page was made by Andy Slater using Hirst Arts mould #56 however Andy did not follow the instructions as given on Hirst Arts own site as he wanted his version to be narrower. This meant that a number of adjustments were required as described in his review of the mould over on TerraGenesis.

The figure in the picture is Tiriel from Hasslefree Miniatures.

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